Welcome to the world of cannabis spirits.

purejuana is an all-natural, rapid-onset THC powder crafted from 100% fresh flower that swiftly dissolves into the liquid of your choice — perfect for cocktails, spritzers, or enjoyed neat for the purest and most complex cannabis experience available.


purejuana is the world’s first and finest cannabis spirit: a discreet, sessionable, rapid-onset THC powder ready to elevate your non-alcoholic drink of choice with a delicate balance of hundreds of unique cannabis compounds in every shot, regardless of THC potency. Unlike edibles and distillate-based cannabis beverages, purejuana promises strain-specific taste, aroma, and experience in every sip. It’s the purest expression of the plant ever created.

Just pour, let dissolve, and enjoy the possibilities.


purejuana’s sessionable experience is unlike anything in cannabis, with rapid onset and elevation akin to traditional spirits: a single shot pack of purejuana offers the THC-powered equivalent to enjoying a single-serving alcoholic beverage and lasts about as long.

Because every shot contains a delicated balance of hundreds of unique cannabis compounds regardless of THC potency, so you can choose the potency that suits your experience (10mg, 5mg, 2.5mg) and microdose your way into a personal euphoria over multiple drinks.


Craft your own sessionable purejuana experience with spirited recipes created by master mixologists.


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