purejuana is a live resin cannabis powder

Our true-to-strain cannabis powder helps you craft your purest experience.

what is purejuana?

purejuana is true-to-strain cannabis powder made from live cannabis.

Made from premium, sungrown cannabis and containing no alcohol, purejuana offers a socially elevating experience akin to traditional spirits (without the hangover) via an all-natural, rapid onset cannabis powder crafted from live flower. Our fresh, strain-specific dry spirits dissolve into the liquid of your choice – perfect for cocktails, spritzers, or enjoyed neat for the purest and most complex cannabis experience available.

purejuana cannabis powder is the future of drinking.

Craft your purest experience.

Approx. 100+ LIVE cannabis compounds in every shot

A stable cannabis
that stays
fresh, with no additives

1 cannabis powder
shot = 1 cocktail with effects
similar to alcohol (minus the hangover)

Made from cannabis grown
with organic methods

Available in 2.5mg,
5mg, & 10mg shots

Grown, crafted, and sold
  only in California, USA

True-to-cultivar cannabis powder instantly dissolves into whatever you’re drinking.

Keto-friendly with no hangover.

Socially elevating dosage akin to traditional spirits. Go ahead, have a couple.

All-natural cannabis powder helps you avoid harmful effects of inhalation.

Our revolutionary process captures the live essence of the plant like no other.

Approximately 100+ live cannabinoids thriving in harmony for a full-spectrum experience like nothing else.

Strain-specific taste, aroma, and feeling in every shot.


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