purejuana Cannabis Powder FAQs

purejuana is a psychotropic spirit made from 100% pure cannabis. It is a liquid-soluble and strain-specific THC powder. purejuana is formulated to be enjoyed as a relaxing, refreshing and elevating alternative to traditional spirits.

purejuana’s expressive blend of delicate cannabinoids and manageable dosage(s) means you can expect a sessionable and socially-elevating experience, every time. Expect to feel social, spirited, and slightly euphoric with each drink.

Please review our available dosages, and choose the right strength of purejuana for you. Enjoy multiple drinks at your own discretion, and always listen to your body as you elevate.

purejuana’s elevating experience is unlike anything in cannabis, with rapid onset and elevation akin to traditional spirits: a single shot pack of purejuana offers an equivalent spirited experience to that of enjoying a single-serving alcoholic beverage and lasts about as long (this can vary based upon individual metabolism and tolerance to THC). Always listen to your body as you elevate, and enjoy!

purejuana is a psychotropic spirit: a unique and socially-elevating drinkable THC experience with no harsh or harmful inhalation, and no waiting an hour for something to happen; over-consumption is very rare and only when taken at high dosages. Always listen to your body as you elevate. purejuana is a truly sessionable experience, allowing you to feel its effects in real time with each sip and allowing you to achieve your desired level of euphoria.

purejuana will not give you a hangover. purejuana is not intended to be used with alcohol, and there is no alcohol in purejuana. Hangover symptoms are defined by fatigue, weakness, excessive thirst, dry mouth, headache and nausea.

purejuana’s clean, crisp flavor and socially-elevating effects are designed to be enjoyed without alcohol. Please enjoy purejuana responsibly.

purejuana is available in three sessionable dosages – explore our dosages, and discover the right experience for you. Cheers!

purejuana is crafted for you to enjoy more than just one beverage, however THC tolerances vary greatly from person to person. Always listen to your body as you elevate.

One serving is one shot pack. Enjoy multiple drinks at your own discretion. Always listen to your body as you elevate.

purejuana captures the specific aromatics and effects of each strain it uses thanks to our non-invasive, revolutionary process. Strains currently available can be found here.

purejuana is a THC-powered psychotropic spirit. It does not contain alcohol, nor do we recommend infusing with alcohol. Serve with still or sparkling water to fully explore the pure, clean flavors of our spirits; or, get creative! Craft your own psychotropic cocktails, or try one of ours – recipes created by some of the world’s most innovative mixologists.

Caution: Do Not Mix with Hot Liquids

purejuana is a THC-powered cocktail experience and can be enjoyed anywhere that cannabis consumption is allowed. Always consult with the venue before enjoying purejuana.

purejuana is crafted from fresh, ripe flowers and processed to a stable powder without adulteration using a revolutionary proprietary process.

Yes. purejuana is crafted with all natural ingredients. Cannabis is grown to our specification on our partner farms with organic inputs under the sun. Most of the ingredients in our emulsion are certified organic.

purejuana is made with all-natural ingredients and excipients. There are no artificial flavors, colors or additives. Active Ingredient: Fresh Cannabis Extract Other Ingredients: Tapioca Syrup Solids, Acacia Gum, Sunflower Oil, Glycerin, Sunflower Lecithin.

Store at 20-25°C (68-77°F)

Every batch of purejuana is tested for purity and receives an industry Certificate of Analysis. purejuana is all-natural, and never tested on animals.

purejuana is currently available at state licensed marijuana dispensaries in California.

Yes you can! Please, contact us here.

It’s easy to recycle with our Duallok box! As the construction is predominantly cardboard. The (PP) locking tab includes a code for recycling and should be removed after use. Once those are separated, you can easily recycle any purejuana box.