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Get to know our strains

Click the links below to learn more about each of the strains we offer. 

Blue Dream is an energizing, sativa-dominant hybrid bursting with blueberry flavor & aroma.

Super Lemon Haze is a zesty, socially elevating sativa-dominant hybrid with a candied lemon finish.

Venom OG is a calming, indica-dominant hybrid featuring a distinct minty flavor & floral aroma.

XJ-13 is a stimulating, sativa-dominant hybrid that’s herbaceous with a hint of citrus.

Purple Punch is a laid back, slightly sweet indica-dominant with a grape candy flavor and aroma.

Forbidden Fruit is a mellow, indica-dominant hybrid with massive tropical flavor and aroma.

Get purejuana delivered to your door

purejuana is an all-natural, rapid-onset cannabis powder crafted from 100% fresh flower that swiftly dissolves into the liquid of you choice – perfect for cocktails, spritzers, or enjoyed neat for the purest and most complex cannabis experience available.

How to select your purejuana shots

Select your preferred purejuana shots based on strength, effect, and flavor profiles. Refer to the icons below to understand how our Lite, Single, and Double shots may equate to the effects expected from typical alcoholic beverages.


Our Lite shots are similar to the effects you’d expect from a light beer.


Our Single shots are what you would experience with a glass of wine.


Double shots from purejuana are close to what you would feel with a margarita or martini.

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