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purejuana is an all-natural, rapid-onset cannabis powder crafted from 100% fresh flower that swiftly dissolves into the liquid of you choice – perfect for cocktails, spritzers, or enjoyed neat for the purest and most complex cannabis experience available.


Our Lite shots are similar to the effects you’d expect from a light beer.


Our Single shots are what you would experience with a glass of wine.


Double shots from purejuana are close to what you would feel with a margarita or martini.

Lite Shots

Similar to the effects of a light beer, purejuana lite shots are 2.5mg packs that feature 100+ live strain-specific terpenes, flavinoids, and cannabinoids.

Single Shots

Similar to effects from a glass of wine, purejuana 5mg single shots help you craft your purest cannabis experience.

Double Shots

Similar to effects of a margarita, purejuana 10mg single shots help you experience the amazing diversity of cannabis.