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Chronic & Tonic

Chronic & Tonic by Ricky Gomez CHRONIC & TONIC 3 oz Coconut Water 2 oz Tonic Water ½ oz Lime Juice 1 purejuana shot (recommend Blue Dream) Lime Wheel (for garnish) Combine coconut water, tonic water & lime juice in Collins glass. Add purejuana & let dissolve. Add crushed ice & stir. Garnish with lime wheel.   Ricky…
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April 16, 2021 0

purejuana Old Fashioned

purejuana Old Fashioned by Ricky Gomez PUREJUANA OLD FASHIONED 3 oz chilled Lapsang Souchon Tea ¼ oz Demerara Simple Syrup* 2 dashes Fee Bros. Whiskey Barrel Bitters 1 purejuana shot (recommend Venom OG) Orange Peel (for garnish) Combine tea, syrup & bitters in Rocks glass. Add purejuana & let dissolve. Add ice & stir. Garnish with orange…
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April 12, 2021 0


High-Biscus by Ricky Gomez HIGH-BISCUS 3 oz chilled Hibiscus Ginger Tea ¾ oz Honey Syrup* 3 dashes Grapefruit Bitters 1 purejuana shot (recommend Super Lemon Haze) Lemon Peel (for garnish) Combine hibiscus ginger tea, honey syrup & grapefruit bitters in mixing glass. Add purejuana & let dissolve. Add ice & stir. Strain into chilled Coupe glass & garnish…
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