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The Bosporus Cocktail

The Bosporus Cocktail by Warren Bobrow THE BOSPORUS COCKTAIL 3 oz freshly crushed Carrot Juice 1 oz Rose Simple Syrup* 1 purejuana shot (recommend Blue Dream) Cardamom Bitters Orange Peel (for garnish) Season Coupe’ glass with burning cannabis smoke of your preference, cover with a plate & set aside (optional). Combine carrot juice & rose…
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April 17, 2021 0

The Jimi

The Jimi by Warren Bobrow THE JIMI 3 1” coins European Cucumber 1 oz fresh Lime Juice 1 oz Coconut Water Simple Syrup* 1 purejuana shot (recommend XJ-13) Mint Sprig (for garnish) Peel & muddle cucumber (to a pulp) in cocktail shaker. Add lime juice & simple syrup. Add purejuana & let dissolve. Shake &…
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April 11, 2021 0

The Gaz Regan Fizz

The Gaz Regan Fizz by Warren Bobrow THE GAZ REGAN FIZZ 3 oz Roasted Citrus Juice* 1 oz Citrus Simple Syrup* 1 purejuana shot (recommend XJ-13) 3 oz Soda Chocolate Mole’ Bitters 1 pinch Himalayan Pink Salt Orange Peel (for garnish) Combine roasted citrus juice & citrus simple syrup in cocktail shaker. Add purejuana &…
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April 9, 2021 0