Smoke Signals

April 18, 2021 Collins Recipes 0

Smoke Signals

by Collin Nicholas


1 oz Bell Pepper Simple Syrup*
1 oz Spiced Pineapple Gastrique*
1 oz Lime Juice
2 purejuana shots (recommend XJ-13)
Dehydrated Pineapple + Mint Sprig (for garnish)

Combine bell pepper simple syrup, spiced pineapple grastrique & lime juice in cocktail shaker. Add purejuana & let dissolve. Shake & strain into Collins glass. Top with soda. Garnish with dehydrated pineapple & mint sprig.

*For Bell Pepper Simple Syrup…

3.5 oz Fresh Bell Pepper Juice
3.5 oz Sugar

Bring bell pepper juice to simmer & slowly dissolve sugar. Simmer for 5 minutes, take off heat & let rest.


*For Spiced Pineapple Gastrique…

1 tbsp Clove
1 tbsp Allspice Berries
2 whole piece Star Anise
1 Pineapple
16 oz Water
16 oz Sugar

Turn heat on low, add spices to pot & ‘sweat’ them to release aromatics, careful not to burn. Trim pineapple & dice into rough chunks. Once spices are lightly toasted & aromatic, add pineapple to pot & macerate with a muddler releasing the juice from the fruit. Turn heat to high, add water. Bring to boil, dissolve sugar & steep for 10 minutes.


Collin Nicholas

A Bombay Sapphire “Imaginative Bartender of the Year” recipient, Collin Nicholas is the bar manager of Portland’s Bar Director of Submarine Hospitality. While overseeing the creative direction and maintaining systems at both Tusk and Ava Genes, Collin developed the three bar outlets in the newly established Hoxton Hotel in downtown Portland.. His avant-garde approach to cocktail creation has been featured in GQ, Imbibe, and beyond.

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