Elevate Your Spirits

Dry Spirit made from Live Cannabis

The Future of Drinking is Here

purejuana is a dry spirit made from live cannabis.

Made from premium, sungrown cannabis and containing no alcohol, purejuana offers a socially elevating experience akin to traditional spirits (without the hangover) via an all-natural, rapid onset THC powder crafted from live flower. Our fresh, strain-specific dry spirits dissolve into the liquid of your choice – perfect for cocktails, spritzers, or enjoyed neat for the purest and most complex cannabis experience available.

This is the future of drinking. Elevate your spirits.




100+ LIVE cannabis
compounds in every shot

Not an edible – a stable
powder that stays fresh,
with no additives

1 shot pack = 1 cocktail

Available in 2.5mg, 5mg, and 10mg

Made from organic,
sun-grown flower
Grown, crafted, and sold
  only in California, USA

Instantly dissolves into whatever you’re drinking. Cheers.

No alcohol.
No hangover.

Socially elevating dosage akin to traditional spirits. Go ahead, have a couple.

All natural.
Made from fresh, sun-grown flower.

Our revolutionary process captures the live essence of the plant like no other.

100+ live cannabis compounds thriving in harmony for a full-spectrum experience like nothing else.

Strain-specific taste, aroma, and feeling in every shot.

How will purejuana make me feel?


We’re hosting live experiences throughout California.
Join us and experience the future of drinking.

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