Introducing purejuana™, America’s First Live Cannabis Spirit

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LOS ANGELES, May 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Psychotropic spirits company Lively Spirits has set out to disrupt and evolve the adult beverage category with the launch of purejuana™, America’s first cannabis spirit brand. Containing no alcohol and produced from 100% fresh, flash-frozen cannabis flower to retain strain-specific flavors, aroma, and psychoactive effects, purejuana is a new and all-natural way to create better-for-you craft cocktails without the drawbacks of liquor.

“Each purejuana strain is its own spirit, designed to shine in drinks rather than hiding behind sugars and flavorings.”

 Conceived as a plant-derived spirit akin to mezcal or gin, purejuana is a “top shelf” soluble cannabis powder crafted to be enjoyed in a traditional cocktail or experienced “neat,” dissolved in water, seltzer or soda for a taste of the plant’s unadulterated cannabinoid spectrum. A single purejuana shot packet is the ideal serving for one drink, and with onset times and duration of effects comparable to a single serving of liquor, purejuana consumers won’t miss the alcohol, the calories, or the hangover. 

“Without question, the future of the adult beverage sector is cannabis, and the cocktail is a familiar and accessible format ripe for innovation,” said Matt Cohen, Lively Spirits founder and CEO. “With purejuana, we are pioneering a rapidly dissolving dry spirit that delivers a true alcohol replacement, right down to the buzz, without diluting the distinct combination of flavors, aromas and psychoactive effects unique to each cannabis cultivar and the connoisseurs who appreciate them.”

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