Craft Your Purest Experience with These Four Strains from Purejuana

October 11, 2021 Purejuana Products and Cultivars 0

Craft Your Purest Experience with These Four Strains from Purejuana

purejuana is the only cannabis spirit that is truly strain-specific; meaning purejuana products come straight from the cultivar (more commonly-known as the “strain”) that is on the label, with no additional ingredients.

This means there are no additives, flavorings, or other ingredients added. purejuana cannabis powder products contain no other ingredients aside from the terpenes and cannabinoids that are derived directly from the cannabis plant itself.

It is this true-to-strain profile that allows purejuana products to aid you in authentically creating your own experience. Whether it’s a morning hike or unwinding at home after a long day; the cannabis plant has a strain (cultivar) that is tailor-made for that experience.

In this article, we’re profiling four of the most popular cultivars found in purejuana products.

Blue Dream is a cultivar that has been a perennial favorite loved by cannabis enthusiasts for decades. A plant created by taking “Blueberry” and crossing it with one of the original  “OG Haze” plants; Breeders and growers have further refined this cultivar through the years to bring forth a strain that has become a stalwart in the cannabis community.

In purejuana products, this cultivar expresses itself with a mild but complex blueberry taste, floral and herbaceous aromas, and an energetic, racy high that may make you want to rethink that cup of coffee in the morning (or that second one in the afternoon).

Recommended purejuana product:

Blue Dream Single

(Also available as Blue Dream Double)

Another strain that has been loved by the cannabis community for decades is Super Lemon Haze. This cultivar was created by crossing “Lemon Skunk” and “Super Silver Haze”, both strains with their own elevated statues in the cannabis community, to create a cultivar that pulled the best qualities out of both its parents. A refreshing but hazy high at the same time, it keeps you head buzzed and your energy high. This cultivar expresses its terpene profile with bright lemon aromas underlaid by deep floral and fresh herbal notes that make every smell as pleasurable as every taste.

Recommended purejuana product:

Super Lemon Haze Lite

(Also available as Super Lemon Haze Single and Super Lemon Haze Double)

Truly a strain with famous parents, XJ-13 comes from a cross of “Jack Herer”, a sativa renowned across the world for its unmistakable aroma and high, and G-13, a strain that is known in cannabis folklore as a cultivar that was propagated in secret by the U.S. Government: XJ-13 has become something that is all its own. It expresses itself in purejuana as a strong herbaceous aroma with citrus notes, refreshing taste, and its enjoyable euphoric buzz. It’s an equally perfect cultivar for a morning pick me up or for stimulating creativity and conversation.

Recommended purejuana product:

XJ-13 Lite

(Also available as XJ-13 Single and XJ-13 Double)

Bred by Rare Darkness Seeds, this cultivar is a cross of one of their proprietary phenotypes named “Rare Darkness #1” and “Poison OG”. A relatively new cultivar to the cannabis industry, Venom OG has quickly been making waves and is quickly becoming a favorite of new and old cannabis consumers alike. A relaxing end of the day cultivar, its effects are a little heavy; like a small weight is pushing down on you. It Has the sweet diesel aroma that is loved by fans of OG and a refreshing, minty flavor that will make you coming back for more.

Recommended purejuana product:

Venom OG Lite

(Also available as Venom OG Single and Venom OG Double)

Meet the Author

Andrew Russell has been with the purejuana team since practically the beginning. As a California cannabis industry veteran of almost 10 years, Andrew sees purejuana as a revolutionary product in the space and the only cannabis spirit that is truly strain specific (meaning that everything in purejuana comes straight from the cultivar – more commonly referred to as the strain – that is on the label). 

Andrew’s professional experience includes his work as a crucial member of the purejuana team who has taken part in the scaling of the commercial production capabilities of the brand. He has also been instrumental in standardizing production practices and now operates as a field marketing manager as he brings product education and brand outreach to our nearby communities.

Andrew’s interests include playing and listening to music, cooking, gardening, enjoying the outdoors (primarily via hiking and fishing), archery, anthropology, and all things connected to natural wellness

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