Curated Cultivars:
Highlighting Two Staff Favorite Strains

November 3, 2021 Purejuana Products and Cultivars 0

Curated Cultivars:
Highlighting Two Staff Favorite Strains

Andrew Russell

As we head into fall and enjoy the vibe of the changing leaves, cooling temperatures, and more nights spent with friends and family, I thought this would be a good time to showcase how purejuana and all its cultivars differ from one another and how each can cater your experience by talking about a couple of my own experiences with two of my favorite purejuana cultivars: Blue Dream and Venom OG.

This cultivar will be my perennial go-to drink for a pick me up with a little buzz…the perfect balance between feeling energized and having a desire to get things done.

Today, the occasion was trying to get the energy to head to the gym after a long day of work. Mentally I was already drained and defeated from a day of setbacks but knew that a trip to the gym would help alleviate some of that stress…enter a Blue Dream 10mg stick.

After the first few sips I could feel my eyes begin to open a bit more, then tension in my head begin to dissipate, and before I knew it I could feel a sense of optimism and euphoria hit me. Leaning into those feelings I begin to stretch out and loosen up, and before I knew my whole mentality had shifted. I was not only ready to go to the gym, but I was motivated to go!

The energy from that drink carried me through the workout and gave me a nice buzz to go along with the endorphins being released, making the decision to go to the gym even more enjoyable. Since then I have used Blue Dream as a pre-workout drink the greater majority of the times I’m going to the gym, it has undoubtedly become part of the routine.

I love this cultivar for so many reasons, but it’s main purpose in my life is an anxiety reliever and a relaxant when I’m feeling tense.

There’s something about this strain that instantly relaxes me and helps me with becoming present and mindful almost instantly; a cultivar guided meditation if you will. This almost immediate transition into a more meditative state coupled with Venom OG’s sweet diesel aroma and minty taste instantly makes me take a deep breath and reflect a bit… whether that’s self-reflection for improvement, for piecing together the day’s events in the evening, or simply trying to let go for a few moments and simply exist.

As I finish drinking, I can feel my eyelids getting a little heavier and an amazing sense of release of tension throughout my entire body, which makes the transformation complete.

I am now present, mindful, and allowing myself to simply exist in the space I occupy. 

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