Purejuana Products

purejuana Products

purejuana is an all-natural, rapid-onset THC powder crafted from 100% fresh flower. Every shot contains a delicate balance of 100+ unique terpenes and cannabis compounds regardless of THC potency. You have the ability to choose a potency that suits your experience and microdose your way to a personal euphoria over multiple drinks.

purejuana is available in a variety of aromatic and full-flavored, strain-specific strengths – find the dosage that fits your mood, then pour, let dissolve, and enjoy. Always listen to your body as you elevate.


A socially uplifting and mild psychotropic experience, for light users.


A spirited experience that’s social rather than stoned, for moderate users.


A full-bodied psychedelic experience, for seasoned users.

purejuana Strains

Unlike traditional edibles and distillate-based cannabis beverages, purejuana promises strain-specific taste, aroma, and experience in every sip.

Each strain’s unique terpenes and psychotropic properties are kept intact throughout our groundbreaking processes, resulting in the most complete cannabis experience possibly without combustion (ie. smoking).

Explore our available strains to find the perfect purejuana experience for you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for updates on our latest seasonal drops.

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is a cross between Blueberry and Haze. Enjoy the sweet and flavorful blueberry aroma. One can expect a euphoric, full-bodied effect. Best-suited for depression, chronic pain, and nausea. Learn more…
Super Lemon Haze is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is a cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. This gives a zesty, yet sweet lemony aftertaste. One can expect an energetic and lively effect. Best-suited for light artistic endeavors and social interactions. Learn more…
XJ-13 is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is a cross between G13 Haze and Jack Herer. This strain exhibits a strong citrus aroma accented with earthy pine undertones. One can expect a buzzy, yet therapeutic effect. Best-suited for stimulating creativity and conversation. Learn more…
Venom-OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is a cross between Poison OG and Rare Dankness #1. With four distinct aromas, Venom-OG has a sweet, yet pungent diesel flavor profile. Intended for nighttime as its effects tend toward full-body relaxation and sensory elevation. Best-suited for leisurely activities. Learn more…

Additional Strains Coming Soon

Purple Punch is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is a cross between Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. This strain has an aroma of grape candy followed by the flavor of your favorite Kool-Aid. Enjoy this delicious dessert right after dinner. Best-suited to manage nausea, stress, and minor body aches as you kick back and relax after a good meal. Learn more…
Tangie Pie, also known as Forbidden Fruit is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is a cross between Cherry Pie and Tangie. The sweet cherry flavor mixed with Tangie’s loud tropical sensation offers a unique terpene profile that will get your taste buds craving more. One can expect a heavy onset amongst the body. Best-suited for dulling physical stress and anguish. Learn more…