purejuana is the only live resin cannabis powder available exclusively in California.

Social. Sessionable. Strain-specific.

Available in 3 THC potencies:


purejuana is a “dry spirit” crafted from premium, sun-grown flower that is frozen fresh and transformed into a stable powder while preserving all of the unique and complex strain-specific terpenes and cannabinoid compounds inherent to the plant. The result is a diverse array of drinking experiences unlike anything else available; each with its own distinctive flavors, aromas, and euphoric sensation.

Simply select the potency that fits your experience, the purejuana strain that fits your mood, and add to the liquid of your choice for the THC-powered equivalent to enjoying a single beer or cocktail, including rapid onset/offset and the ability to socially enjoy multiple drinks in a session. It’s the future of drinking, available now.

purejuana Strains

purejuana is available in a variety of strain-specific offerings ready for any occasion: get social with a glass of Blue Dream or chill out with a Venom OG nightcap. purejuana promises strain-specific taste, aroma, and experience in every sip.

Explore our available strains to find the perfect purejuana experience for you.

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Blue Dream is an energizing, sativa-dominant hybrid bursting with blueberry flavor & aroma.

Super Lemon Haze is a zesty, socially elevating sativa-dominant hybrid with a candied lemon finish.

Venom OG is a calming, indica-dominant hybrid featuring a distinct minty flavor & floral aroma.

XJ-13 is a stimulating, sativa-dominant hybrid that’s herbaceous with a hint of citrus.

Purple Punch is a laid back, slightly sweet indica-dominant with a grape candy flavor and aroma.

Forbidden Fruit is a mellow, indica-dominant hybrid with massive tropical flavor and aroma.